Candy Corn Cupcakes

I created some cupcake bath bombs yesterday for Halloween. The bath bombs are layered in the colors of candy corn, frosted with yellow icing and topped with a piece of candy corn. And of course scented like....candy corn. I am sensing a theme. :)

They are now available in my shop

Reminder - Giveaways start in 2 days

Our first giveaway will be starting on Wednesday!!

We will be giving away HANDMADE SOAP!!

I know there are a lot of soap lovers out there. Make sure you sign up to win some free soap. You will be able to pick your favorites from our giveaway sponsor shop on Etsy. The picture is just one of your choices.
All giveaways are completely free! All you will have to do is leave a comment.

Word of the day ~ PEAR


I have decided to pick a word of the day occasionally and write a little post dealing with that word. Today's word is "Pear" because I picked some of our fresh organic pears off of our trees in the yard yesterday. I am going to make the kids some pear sauce. A pear version of apple sauce.
Hope you enjoy!

coffee sleeve available from SeamsandSuch

organic cotton tshirt available from EarthGroovz


blown glass fruit sculptures available from Revo

What is your favorite way to enjoy a pear?

Oh, to be a kid again

I have found a shop on Etsy that makes me wish I was a kid again. This wonderful little shop is called Look, Mama Made It. According to the shop announcement the owner is Silvia a mom to a 5 year old girl. What a lucky little girl to have such a talented mommy. Silvia makes a variety of pretend felt creations and all of it is sooo adorable. She sells fruit, vegetables, cupcakes, bithday cakes, eggs, sausage, cookies, bow tie pasta, lollipops, and dolls. Hope I did not leave out anything. I had to find some of these items in her sold items....evidently I am not the only one who loves this shop. :)

With Christmas and two kids birthdays coming up I am definatly going to have to buy some of these!!

What is your favorite item in her shop?

Win FREE prizes in October

Starting the first week in Oct. we are going to have blog giveaways complements of shop owners. We are going to try and have one every two weeks. Make sure you subscribe to Pamper Me Please blog so you don't miss out on winning fabulous handmade prizes. You will just have to comment and we will take care of the rest. Including shipping...yep that's right a free gift and no shipping charges. Can it get any better than that?!

Featured Seller ~ Tutu Cute & Moore!

Featured Seller Nancy from:
Tutu Cute & Moore

How did you name your shop?
In 2001, I was approached by a B&M children's boutique shop owner to design a line of over-the- top tutus for her grand opening, thus "Tutu" had to be there. Of course they were really…."Cute"! After expanding my product line, I added "Moore", so buyers would know I offered more than just tutus. Because my mother was my first sewing teacher and my maiden name was Moore, using "Moore" was the final touch. Tutu Cute & Moore!, I love it!

By the way, seven years later, I'm still selling to the same boutique.

When is your "creating" time?
I create when the mood strikes me. My best work happens when I'm feeling it. Thankfully, I usually can't wait to walk into my studio!

What item in your shop are you most proud of?
I think this would have to be my tutus, because these are what Tutu Cute & Moore! was founded on. Oh, my birthday party hats are pretty awesome, too. And I'm really proud of....oops, I'm supposed to select just one!

Tell us about your life outside of creating and selling. (Family, hobbies, pets, ect.)
My time outside of Tutu Cute & Moore! is spent with my husband of 38 years, who is still my one and only! We have a kitty, Squirt and a yellow lab, Maggie to keep us company. I attend a yoga class four times a week and teach a class for seniors 65+, which is extremely rewarding. The remainder of my time is taken by my 20 month old granddaughter. After raising two sons, you can only imagine how excited I was to have a little girl to make tutus for!

Who is your biggest supporter?
Definitely my husband! He has always given me the freedom I need to do what I love and stands behind me 100%. He's also my computer guru and helpful with shipping when I'm in a pinch with orders.

What is your goal for your shop?
My goals are simple.....continue to thrive, as I have since 2001!

If you could have a super power what would it be?
Bring peace to our world.

Favorite time of the year? Why?
Spring, because nature is so excited to start over, year after year. I love that!

Who is your role model? Why?
My role models are people who have made it through difficult situations in their lives and have found strength to move forward. They keep me focused and help me count my many blessings each day.

Favorites things in life: Laughing, shopping, dancing, being with family, picking flowers, feeling peaceful, hugs

Place on earth: Being in the arms of my loved ones Shop:

Quote: Things turn out best for those who make the most of how things turn out.

Website: I wish...maybe someday!

Song or Music Group: I'm stuck in the oldies...Beatles, Elvis, Neil Young, Roy Orbinson

9th Annual Bikes, Blues, & BBQ

Bikes, Blues, & BBQ is the largest charitable bike rally in the United States! If you are close to Fayetteville, AR or are free this weekend come join the fun. The rally starts tomorrow Sept.24-27. There are bikers that come from all over to participate and all the profits benefit local charities. For more information check out their website

I would like to mention that my church, 1st Baptist of Fayetteville on the corner of College and Dickson, will be hosting a FREE Biker's Pancake Breakfast on Saturday, September 27 from 8-10 am. The church is also hosting a FREE Bike Wash, Bikers wash their own bikes and all supplies will be provided. I am sure you want to have a nice shiny bike to show off!! The bike wash will be Thursday & Friday, Sept. 25-26 from 3-6PM and Saturday Sept. 27 from 10AM-2PM.

Fall & Hubby's Birthday

It's that time of year again! I have been getting ready for my husband Dave's birthday and the first day of fall. Both are tomorrow! I am making homemade lasagna and fresh homemade pumpkin pie. Two of our favorite foods in our house.

Happy 29th Birthday Baby!!

The first day of autumn will occur on the morning of September 23, 2008 at 12:55 am. Eastern daylight savings time. But it will be at 11:55 pm in the evening of Central Daylight savings time on September 22. Mountain and Pacific time will be 10:55 and 9:55 pm also on September 22, 2008

Fall is Here Again

You can get ready for fall with our Candy Corn Salt Scrub!!

We can also make bath bombs, sugar scrub, whipped body wash, soap n' scrub and massage oil in our candy corn scent. Contact us at if you are interested or have any questions.

Calling ALL Americans

Okay so this is generally not a topic I blog about but I am upset!

Are you registered to vote in the Nov. elections? (don't roll your eyes it is not polite) :)
I have heard one person too many say that they are not going to vote because they don't have the time or because it does not affect them. WHAT are you kidding me?! All you have to do is make sure you are registered and go to your polling place on election day to cast your ballet. Now does that sound hard?
For those of you who have not registered yet the deadline is coming up soon so please register now. You can register on-line at Here in Arkansas the deadline is Oct. 6th (only 2 weeks away) but it is different for each state.
As for the people saying "It does not affect me". Your right it does not affect you if you do not work, live, attend school, eat, sleep, drive, shop, or pay taxes in the United States. If you do however participate in any of those activities then YES IT DOES AFFECT YOU!! This is an election to pick the next leader of our country. They will be making many, many decisions that will affect your daily life for at least the next 4 years. Okay now go register if you have not already. You have the time...all you are doing is reading my blog. :)

Get informed about the candidates and VOTE please!! Feel free to comment.

It's so easy a stick man can do it!! hehe

(stepping off of soap box now)

Soap N' Scrub - NEW ITEM

I can't get enough of our newest item and neither can our testers! I have listed our new Pamper Me Soap N' Scrub in our shop. It is a creamy whipped soap mixed with an exfoliating sea salt scrub. I also listed this Soap N' Scrub with our newest scent Very Sexy for Him a Victoria Secret Type. My husband is crazy about it. If you are not buying for the man in your life or would like to pamper yourself as well check out our fragrance list. Any of our items can be custom scented with the fragrance of your choice. I am working on many new items so check back often.

Fragrance List:

Angelica, Apple Extreme, Baby Powder, Basil, Bayberry, Berry Bubble Gum, Between the Sheets, Blueberry, Butt Naked, Cake Bake, Cedar, Cherry, Coconut, Coconut Macaroon, Country Holly Berry, Crumb Cake, Cucumber Melon, Fleur de Bois, Floral Shop, Fresh & Clean, Gardenia, Hawaiian Rain, Heather & Hyacinth, Honeysuckle, Hot Apple Pie **NEW**, Jasmine Bloom, Jasmine & Mimosa, Juniper Breeze, Key Lime,Lavender, Lemon Meringue, Lick-Me-All-Over **NEW**, Love Shack, Mahogany Spice, Mulberry, Neroli, Passion Beach, Patchouli, Peppermint **NEW**, Pineapple, Pink Sugar (Aquolina Type) **NEW**, Pleasing Pine, Plum Crazy, Raspberry, Relaxing Bath **NEW**, Rosemary Thyme, Sex on the Beach, Spice Cake, Tommy Girl (Tommy Type), Vanilla Carmel, Vanilla Musk, Very Sexy for Him (Victoria Secret Type) **NEW**, Victorian Boutique, Warm Vanilla Sugar (BBW Type), Watermelon, Wild Poppy

Our jars for Scrubs and SOAP N' SCRUB

4oz, 8oz and NEW 16oz

International Customers

Well, I guess it is time to quit dragging my feet and list international shipping prices. I have been getting a message a day from potential customers from outside the United States. I have started to list some shipping prices and hope to be finished by this weekend. I am very honored that people are willing to pay to have my items shipped to them in another country!!

Vote & Be Counted!!

As a thank you for voting in our poll you will receive 10% off your next order from Pamper Me Please!! Order as much as you like and I will send you an updated invoice to reflect your discount. When you check out through Etsy please put "blogpoll" in the message to seller. The discount does not include shipping charges or custom orders. Discounts are good until the end of September.


Night Sky Products - FEATURED SELLER

Night Sky Products by Racheal

Tell us about your life outside of creating and selling. (family, hobbies, pets, ect.)
Sadly, I work most of the time. Outside of NightSky I work in a jewelry store as my regular 9 to 5 repairing and making custom jewelry. Everytime I get to make a new custom piece I always email pictures to my dad. He's my biggest support in everything I do. I try to visit him back on the east coast every chance I get. My grandma keeps me pretty busy too. It's just me and her here in Fayetteville, so I try to take her to lunch at least once a week. That's one of her favorite things to do. Other than that I have two great fuzzy buddies at home. My cats Nubby and Killer. If they didn't try to lay on top of every project I'm working on they'd be perfect.

What item in your shop are you most proud of?
Right now I'd have to say the "go green" ring. I hand engraved the phrase myself.

How did you name your shop?
I was inspired by the star tattoo on my back.

Favorite materials to work with?
I really like silver. It's such a soft metal which makes it easy to shape and solder. I also like that it's easy to finish. You can make it high polished or give it an antique finish. I also enjoy stone setting. I hope to incoproate more of that into my future pieces.

What kind of background do you have as an artist and how did you learn your skill?
I've been a jeweler for 5 years. I got started by apprenticing right out of college. There are 4 levels of certification you can earn through the national jeweler's association. I am woking on my third and hope to have it finished soon.

What is your goal for your shop?
To get some sales ;) I would just like to have enough business to keep it going. It's my outlet to design. I don't get many of those oppotunities at work, so I developed NightSky out of a hobby.

If you could have a super power what would it be?
Tough one. I think I'd like the power to transport myself anywhere anytime just by blinking. That way I could visit all the places I've ever wanted to visit and wouldn't have to worry about paying for gas.

Favorite time of the year? Why?
Absolutely has to be fall leading into winter. When football season starts and the leaves slowly start to change color, there's nothing like it. Plus it has all the good holidays: halloween (my fav), thanksgiving, and christmas. All the best reasons to get together with family.

Who is your role model and why?
My dad. He was the one solid thing in my life that strived me to do better and still continues too. He's the most supportive person I know and a great cheerleader. He's incredibly smart and giving and the biggest dork I know. I only hope to be just like him.

Place on earth: Home
Etsy Shop: There are too many good artists out there to pin down just one favorite.
Quote: "All you need is love"
Song or Music Group: David Bowie

Racheal is also a proud member of ARetsy. A group for Etsy artists from Arkansas.

New Products Coming SOON

I am working very hard to offer my amazing customers new products. Within the next two weeks I should have our Whipped Body Frosting ready to sell. I am also adding a new men's fragrance. They need to be pampered too. After that I will be listing liquid soap and cold processed soap bars. I am extremely excited about our new additions!! If you have suggestions for other products please send me a message. I love to hear what people are looking for.

Gustav is Raining & POURING...Makes me wish I was snoring

So Gustav has decided to give us a little gift...up to 10 inches of rain! We certainly had it a lot better than the areas affected by the actual hurricane. All we have to worry about is lots and lots of rain.
But, I really wish someone could tell me why I always want to sleep when it is raining. I have a long list of things that need to be done but all I want to do is curl up under a blanket and go to sleep.

Shout out:
My mom has been working on her own Etsy shop. She came to visit this weekend and brought a lot of items to put in her on-line store. I am going to be running the computer end of her shop for her. She has been sewing and designing a ton of baby and childrens goodies. I am adding items as quickly as I can. So far there are bibs, burp cloths, girls aprons and tag blankets. Hopefully we will have the shop looking great in the next couple of weeks.

Check out her shop

Win a FREE gift basket!!!

We are very excited about being part of a competiton going on right now on If you want to win some of our popular cupcake bath bombs go enter to win now!! There are two baskets that will be given away. The competition ends the last day of September. I believe you can enter once a day.

Click here to enter to win:
(if you are not a member of Craft Bits you will need to sign is free)