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Night Sky Products by Racheal

Tell us about your life outside of creating and selling. (family, hobbies, pets, ect.)
Sadly, I work most of the time. Outside of NightSky I work in a jewelry store as my regular 9 to 5 repairing and making custom jewelry. Everytime I get to make a new custom piece I always email pictures to my dad. He's my biggest support in everything I do. I try to visit him back on the east coast every chance I get. My grandma keeps me pretty busy too. It's just me and her here in Fayetteville, so I try to take her to lunch at least once a week. That's one of her favorite things to do. Other than that I have two great fuzzy buddies at home. My cats Nubby and Killer. If they didn't try to lay on top of every project I'm working on they'd be perfect.

What item in your shop are you most proud of?
Right now I'd have to say the "go green" ring. I hand engraved the phrase myself.

How did you name your shop?
I was inspired by the star tattoo on my back.

Favorite materials to work with?
I really like silver. It's such a soft metal which makes it easy to shape and solder. I also like that it's easy to finish. You can make it high polished or give it an antique finish. I also enjoy stone setting. I hope to incoproate more of that into my future pieces.

What kind of background do you have as an artist and how did you learn your skill?
I've been a jeweler for 5 years. I got started by apprenticing right out of college. There are 4 levels of certification you can earn through the national jeweler's association. I am woking on my third and hope to have it finished soon.

What is your goal for your shop?
To get some sales ;) I would just like to have enough business to keep it going. It's my outlet to design. I don't get many of those oppotunities at work, so I developed NightSky out of a hobby.

If you could have a super power what would it be?
Tough one. I think I'd like the power to transport myself anywhere anytime just by blinking. That way I could visit all the places I've ever wanted to visit and wouldn't have to worry about paying for gas.

Favorite time of the year? Why?
Absolutely has to be fall leading into winter. When football season starts and the leaves slowly start to change color, there's nothing like it. Plus it has all the good holidays: halloween (my fav), thanksgiving, and christmas. All the best reasons to get together with family.

Who is your role model and why?
My dad. He was the one solid thing in my life that strived me to do better and still continues too. He's the most supportive person I know and a great cheerleader. He's incredibly smart and giving and the biggest dork I know. I only hope to be just like him.

Place on earth: Home
Etsy Shop: There are too many good artists out there to pin down just one favorite.
Quote: "All you need is love"
Song or Music Group: David Bowie

Racheal is also a proud member of ARetsy. A group for Etsy artists from Arkansas.

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