Mommy & Son Time .... And A Tutu?

This afternoon while my daughter took her nap I got to spend some time with my son. It is always nice to have time to just have fun and watch a child explore the world. Or in this case the front yard but he did not know the difference. He will have his 1st Birthday on friday so he is still very easily entertained. Our time was cut short outside by rain. So, We came in to play and I had a chance to make my daughter's tutu for Halloween. She is going to be a Pumpkin Patch Fairy. I almost have her entire costume ready. There is a tutu, pom pom wand, fluffy hair bow, and fairy wings all in the works but almost finished. I really hope she likes it, sometimes she is so picky. Ahhh, 2 is such a wonderful age! I posted a picture of the tutu and the top of the wand. I hope to get some pictures of my daughter when I am finished. Little birthday boy is going to be Tigger. This will be his first year to dress up since he was only a week old last Halloween. I am really excited!! We are going to the Fall Festival in "The Gardens" on the U of A campus in Fayetteville this Sunday the 26th. If anyone wants to come out it is from 4-6:30pm, open to the public, and free.

What are you, your kid(s) or pet(s) going to be for Halloween?

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Sunny said...

Congrats on your boy's first birthday, that's too much fun! And glad you got to spend some uninterrupted time with him.

Melissa said...

Thank you so much!!

Uneekdolldesigns said...

Alas my kids are too big...I have all teenagers-it is a bittersweet thign to see them grow!