Recycled Creations

Sorry, I have not been around for a couple of days. My baby got a stomach bug and shared it this weekend. We are feeling much better now. I have school tomorrow so hopefully I will be caught up with e-mails and such by Tuesday.

What can you do with old floppy disks, a sweater and a seatbelt? Well, these wonderful Etsy shops made these creative recycled creations!

I really enjoyed seeing the inventive ways people used items that would other wise be in a land fill.

Large Seatbelt Tote -
$38 from interrobang

I use clean holy socks to dust the house.
I also use newspapers instead of paper towels with Windex to clean my windows in the house and our cars. Guess what I don't have streaks when I am finished.

Share your favorite recycling, reducing or reusing tip.


The Great Ethan Allen said...

Hey i use old socks for stain and other wipe ups in my shop. There is almost always a second use for smething. It pains me to throw away stuff sometimes cause ya never know if it will comein handy someday. ( sometimes I feel like a packrat though)

Rosebud Collection said...

Great ideas and smart too..It is really wise to recycle things..I know I could do more, but I try my best at it..

Jennifer said...

I use old sweaters for plushies too and the best of old t-shirt parts and fabric remnants to make appliques for stuff. Newspaper is also a good base to add texture and depth to my visual art!

Rick said...

great upcycling!