When the going gets tough...

I recently went to the store with my kids and saw a true act of kindness. We were walking in on a windy and cold day last week. I was rushing in to get out of the cold and not paying much attention to the people around me. We stopped to get a cart and I overheard a lady and man talking beside us. There is a local group collecting gently used coats, sweaters, gloves, ect. for people in our community that can not afford to buy what they need to stay warm. The lady was saying "I sure wish I could get one of those coats". When I looked up she was wearing a t-shirt, pants and sandles. It was 33 degrees outside without the wind chill. She went on to say her husband was on disability and she was just laid off from her job so they could not afford a coat for her. When she said that to the stranger standing beside her took off his coat and told her to put it on to warm up. She shyly took the coat from him and put it on. He told her he needed to do something and would be right back for his coat. He walked into the store and came back a few minutes later with a bag in his hand. He asked her if she would mind holding it for him while he put his coat back on. She took the bag from him and when she looked up the stranger had disappeared. She glanced to see what was in the bag in her hand. It was a brand new lady's coat and a note that said "hope this helps".

There are a lot of people in our country and around the world that are going through rough times right now. If you ever listen to the radio, watch t.v., read the newspaper, or surf the internet you are bombarded with all the negative thoughts you can handle. What can we do about it? Other than hope, pray, and hang on....I propose we do our very best to support those around us. Of course your family and friends but what about the people in your community. You do not need money to make life better for others. Here are a couple of ideas to help and encourage others that cost very little or nothing at all. If we pull together to support and encourage those around us maybe this world will be a little more bearable for everyone.

Make a card for a neighbor
Serve food at a soup kitchen
Volunteer service at a local charity
Smile at a stranger
Donate items that you and your family don't use any more
Hold a door open
Visit seniors in a nursing home
Have a neighborhood potluck

Please help me with my list! What ideas do you have to help others?


Sunny said...

What a fantastic story and a great post.

Tonight I helped a group of Jr. High girls decorate a Christmas tree for the youth room. They made all the decorations themselves and we're going to try and donate it to someone who doesn't have a tree of their own.

Melissa said...

That is awesome Sunny! Thanks for sharing. :)

Boutique By Bonnie said...

That's such a heartwarming story!