Curtain Updates

The old curtain that is wonderful shades of baby poop green and yellow on a beige background is on the left and my new linen colored curtains are on the right (they are not shiny like they showed up in the picture)

I have really been in the mood to update things around the house that have been bugging me since we bought our house in Nov. '07. Unfortunately, I have a long list of things I want to do but not enough time or a large enough budget right now. I was able to mark a couple of things off my list while we were out of school because of the ice storm. I finally have new curtain in my living room. We have a huge window that is 16 foot long in the living room that has been covered with drapes from the 70's literally. They are some of the ugliest curtains I have ever seen. Since our window is so big it was seriously expensive to get new curtains so I have just be dealing with what we have. I found a wonderful sale and was able to get new curtains and a scarf for my window for about 1/3 the regular price!! I am so excited.

I will post so more pictures when I get my scarf up as well. Also, I am working on new lighting fixtures in a couple of rooms and painting. All handy people are welcome to come over and help. :)

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