My busy but wonderful life

I have not had time to blog in a while so I thought I would do a quick update. Last week I was sick with a flu like bug and this week the baby and I both got a stomach virus and shared it with Daddy. Wasn't that sweet of us. lol

Business related topics:
I have some wonderful cold processed lavender un-dyed soap curing. I can not wait for it to be ready. I hope to make some more this weekend. I am going to start selling bar soap in my shop in March. I am thinking about a soap giveaway...hum, what do you think?

In the next week I am going to be listing my new shower gel and bubble bath as well. They will be available in all our fragrances, 60 plus scents!

My husband Dave and I have been running our shop Pamper Me Please and I help my Mom, Patsy with the computer and picture related parts of her shop. We have been talking about going to one shop for and have finally decided to start a shop with all 3 of us selling products. Our new shop is going to be We are all very excited about it and working hard to be ready for our Grand Opening on April 1st. Yes, April Fool's Day. lol

Orders have been pretty steady this week and I am very happy about that. I made 72 bath bombs today along with getting other orders ready. :) Keep it coming!

Hope everyone has a great Friday tomorrow! Nana is coming to visit us for the weekend and will be here tomorrow. The kids are so excited!

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